Academics | P K International School Chakan Pune.


Curriculum based on CBSE recommended syllabus is implemented in the school. The curriculum is drawn from the NCERT’s National curriculum and enriches it to add better learning.


The House system at PKIS provides an excellent platform for the development of students. It forms basis of competitions within the school and promotes team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competitions. It helps to shape natural leaders in students and enhance their leadership qualities.

The Houses are as follows:

Bose - Blue
Raman - Red
Homi - Green
kalam - Yellow


Our school features technology-enabled classrooms equipped with interactive tools and digital resources, creating an immersive learning experience that leverages modern technology to enhance engagement, collaboration, and educational outcomes for students.
Our school aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP) to foster holistic learning and skill development for a well-rounded education. NEP focuses on a flexible, multidisciplinary approach nurturing critical thinking and practical application in students.
Our school emphasizes hands-on learning, intertwining theory with real-world applications, fostering critical thinking and practical skills for lifelong success. Interactive workshops and projects engage students, encouraging collaborative problem-solving and cultivating a deeper understanding of subjects beyond traditional methods.
Art is seamlessly woven into our curriculum, nurturing creativity, enhancing expression, and fostering holistic development by integrating diverse artistic mediums across subject, inspiring innovation and imaginative thinking among students.


School Awards are for students who excel in more ways than once, both in and outside the classroom.
School awards are special part, as children love to be rewarded and made to feel special.

Some of such awards are as follow:

  • 100% Attendance Award (Student)
  • 100% Attendance Award(Male/Female teacher)
  • Star Reader
  • Excellence in Academics
  • Excellence in Dance/Music/Sports
  • Outstanding Achievements
  • Best Parent Award

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